Monday, January 4, 2010

Idaho DUI Laws - Right to Counsel

If you have been cited for an Idaho DUI you have the right to counsel under Idaho DUI Laws to represent you in the court proceedings.

You essentially have two options for counsel: (1) Hire a private idaho dui lawyer or (2) be appointed a county public defender

Public Defender and DUI

Anyone can elect to have a public defender appointed  to represent them for an Idaho DUI. Initially there is no expense for the public defender. However, if you plead to the DUI or are convicted of the DUI, you will have to repay the state for the services of your public defender in addition to any fines, court costs, and probation fees. Typically you are looking at having to repay the state between $500-$1,000.00, depending on the judge and court.

Private Idaho DUI Lawyer

Your other option for representation for an Idaho DUI is to hire a private lawyer specializing in Idaho DUI Defense. The costs for a private DUI lawyer can vary greatly between law firms, and can vary between hourly fees and flat fees. Most attorney's require the entire fee be paid upfront. Costs can vary between $500-$5,000.00.

**Please note that you do not have a right to counsel before submitting to evidentiary testing (walk and turn, one-leg stand,  breathalyzer, blood test, or forced blood draw).

Contact Mark Petersen, a Pocatello Idaho DUI Lawyer  for more information regarding representation if you have been cited with an Idaho DUI. Snake River Law PLLC offers reasonable flat rates and does not bill by the hour.